How to Teach English in Cambodia

If you’re looking to teach English in Cambodia, you’re probably thinking about working in a private school. Public schools usually don’t hire foreign freshwap teachers. Hence, most international teachers work in private schools located around Phnom Penh. Teaching in private schools gives you the chance to work with a variety of students from pre-school to university age. You’ll also have the opportunity to set your own schedule, either teaching children during the day or adults during the evening.

It’s important to dress professionally when you visit schools and present your CV or TEFL certificate. It’s always a good idea to show up to an merdb interview in a smart way, because schools are more likely to reach out to you if you show up in person. Remember to ask the school representative specific questions, such as how long the contract is and how you’ll be paid. You also need to know what the school’s reputation is.

Although it may be tempting to let yourself be taken for sportspress granted, there are certain things you should know before teaching English in Cambodia. First of all, the country is safe. Most areas are quite safe, but it’s important to remember that it is possible to get mugged. If you’re traveling on a budget, be sure to bring extra cash. The local currency is the Cambodian riel, but the US dollar is widely used.

If you have some experience teaching English in a elibrary foreign country, try volunteering in Cambodia. Many children’s and women’s organizations offer volunteers the opportunity to work with children. It’s important to know that while you won’t necessarily be paid as a professional teacher, you’ll still be able to find a place where you can teach EFL. It’s important to remember that the government in Cambodia is very strict about working illegally.

As for the requirements, a bachelor’s degree is generally required. While a native speaker is preferred, it isn’t necessary. TEFL certification is required for codeplex teaching English in Cambodia, and you can earn it online or even while you’re working in the country. You should also be aware that higher paying positions generally require prior experience abroad. It’s recommended to save up at least $1,000 for this trip before you leave for your job.

The minimum requirement to teach English in Cambodia is a TEFL certificate. The country’s government will pay you at least $700 a month, though higher salaries are possible. However, if you don’t have experience teaching in English, you might not have a chance of finding a job. In Cambodia, you can earn anywhere between $700 and $1000 USD a month. This is a great deal for a country that has a low cost of living.

In addition to a TEFL certification, you’ll need a valid Ordinary/Business Visa (Type E) to work in the country. You can purchase an Ordinary/Business Visa (Type E) at the Cambodian embassy or the immigration office. The fee for a three-month extension is around $300 USD. However, be sure to bring your work permit with you when you apply for an extension. You’ll also need to prove your experience.

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