Revealing The Legends: Real Soccer Phenomena In Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

The mobile game adaptation of the renowned 80s manga “Captain Tsubasa,” Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, has made a lasting impression on football fans all over the world. Although the game is filled with fictional characters, a number of renowned football stars from reality have been included in its roster. In this article, we will learn more about the six legendary characters in the game that were inspired by real-life figures: Karl Heinz Schneider, Juan Diaz, Robson, Elle Sid Pierre, Salvatore Gentile, and Brian Kluivoort. Let us uncover the connections between the popular World Cup players and the game, and grasp a deeper understanding of their influence on it.

The one known as Karl Heinz Schneider is worthy of note.

Karl Heinz Schneider is a key figure in the game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team and is considered one of Japan’s greatest rivals. He holds the record of having the most versions out of all of the forward (FW) positions with a total of 36. He is well known for his S-rank Fire Shot and A-rank Kaiser Tackle EX abilities. Especially, the 2018 World Cup introduced the “Flame Emperor” version, which is unique from the other editions. Schneider’s passive skill, “Flame Emperor,” gives him an extra 20% capability when squaring off against Japanese players, signifying the enthusiasm of the international football stage.

Juan Diaz was the name of the individual in question.

The main character of Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, Juan Diaz, is remarkably similar to the great football player, Diego Maradona. Both in looks and in his skills, Diaz mirrors the Argentine legend. His nicknames, such as “Argentina’s proud genius” and “Argentina’s super superstar,” are a nod to Maradona’s incredible legacy in the game. Diaz’s SSR-grade cards give him outstanding attacking abilities, particularly in dribbling and shooting. The “Genius Playmaker” version of Diaz emphasizes his prowess, coming with the “Victory Prediction Master” passive skill, which amplifies his abilities by 100% when predicting victory. With this, Diaz becomes a formidable attacking force, just like Maradona was in his heyday.

Robson’s name is known far and wide for his various accomplishments. He has achieved much in his life and has become quite renowned for the things he has done. His fame has spread across the globe, and his name is a household one.

Robson, a character from the game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, is an exceptional example of a real-life legendary player. Even though he looks and shares a name with the well-known English footballer and coach Bobby Robson, the roles they play on the pitch diverge significantly. While Bobby Robson was a forward, Robson in the game is a defender (DF) and defensive midfielder (DMF). Despite this difference, Robson has become a much-loved British soccer player in the game. His 2018 World Cup edition, which is dubbed the “British Defensive Wall,” has the highest basic Block stat, making him a difficult roadblock for attacking strikers. His special skill, “Enhance Special Skills (Tackle),” increases the strength of Robson’s tackle by 15%. Mhtspace

Pierre and Elle Sid

The French national team’s core player in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, Elle Sid Pierre, is a balanced player possessing offensive and defensive capabilities. His base abilities and skill set enable him to be successful in both attacking and defensive roles. The edition acquired from the “Dream Player Festival” shows off Pierre’s blocking, playmaking, and dribbling talents, making him a lively player on the pitch.

The individual known as Salvatore Gentile is the subject of this writing.

The character of Salvatore Gentile in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is a tribute to the 1982 World Cup match between him and Diego Maradona; Gentile’s tenacity and aggressive playing style in subduing Maradona’s abilities are what the character is based on. He is known for his high Tackle stats on all his SSR cards, which makes him an effective defender. Moreover, the “Agility” version of him is a match-up for those who use intricate dribbling techniques. Having three S-rank special skills in defense (Tackle, Block, and Intercept), Gentile is a rare and highly valued player in the game.

The name Brian Kluivoort is quite recognizable.

The character of Brian Kluivoort in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team has caused a stir among players, with two ideas on the source of his origin. One theory links him to the legendary Johan Cruyff, while the other proposes a combination of Patrick Kluivert and Johan Cruyff. His playing style and the A-rank Cruyff Turn special skill indicate he may be based on Johan Cruyff. Although Kluivoort has extraordinary offensive ability, his offensive-minded style of play causes a conundrum due to the current trends of gameplay being focused on defense.

In Summary

In Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, the virtual world contains real-life legends that provide a very enjoyable experience for players. The game has a lot of characters, and if you want to find out more, you can download it with the Redfinger Android emulator from and test out the talents and features of each character.

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