What are some of the must-haves in your toolbox?

A toolbox is a box that holds tools. It can be portable or stationary and can be used to store tools or hold them while you work on them. You might also transport your tools between your house and the garage. If you have a pickup truck, you may keep your toolboxes in there so that it’s easy to carry everything around with you when needed!


Screwdrivers are one of the most important tools in your toolbox. They’re used to turn screws, and there are several different types: flathead, Phillips, and Torx. To use a screwdriver, insert it into the slot on top of a screw head and turn clockwise or counterclockwise until you feel resistance. If you have trouble with this task alone, use two hands to hold the handle and apply pressure on the top with your thumb.


The hammer is a tool to drive nails and other fasteners into wood or metal. It can also be used to break objects, remove nails, and remove screws.


There are many pliers, but the flathead is the most common. These are used to grip objects that bare hands can’t grip. Pliers come in different sizes and shapes, such as needle-nosed, side-cutting, and lineman’s pliers. The most basic function of a pair of pliers is to hold onto something while you use your other hand to do something else (like cut wire). However, they can bend wire or remove nails from wood surfaces without damaging them. Pliers are essential for any toolkit because they can be used in many ways!


Wrenches are a must-have in your toolboxes. Wrenches tighten or loosen nuts and bolts and come in many different shapes and sizes. You can find wrenches that will fit many small and large jobs. For example, a wrench is made just for this job if you need to tighten a bolt-on your car! The wrench will fit snugly over the end of the bolt so it can be tightened or loosened easily with only one hand (the other hand would hold the wrench).

Utility knife

You can use a utility knife for just about anything. It’s a good idea to keep one in your toolbox, whether working on home projects or simple tasks around the office.

The utility knife is also known as a box cutter (if you’re wondering why we call it by its full name in this article). This type of tool typically has a retractable blade that locks into place when you press down on it and releases when you release pressure on the handle.


A level is a must-have for your toolbox. A level is used to make sure that things are straight, such as the sides of your table or shelves, the walls in your home, and more. It’s also used to check if something is sitting flat on the ground so it doesn’t rock back and forth when you walk by. You can use a carpenter’s or a laser level to achieve this effect; they both work equally well but have pros and cons (for example, laser levels offer more precision).


As you can see, there are plenty of tools and supplies to stock your toolbox. The important thing is to make sure you have the right ones for the job at hand. For example, if you require something that will help you hang something on your wall without damaging anything, it’s time to invest in a leveller and plumb bob set!

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